Iowa Northern Paint Guide
(To go with the decals we got...)
BIG Thanks to IANR Employees for giving us access to get accurate information for decal design!
Also, BIG THANKS to Jim at Highball Graphics for helping us develop these decals.
Decals can be purchased directly from Jim though his website, or from Caboose Stop Hobbies

Please note, ALL photos and information were obtained-
 a:  from public property.
 b: from a safe distance on railroad property (not crossing tracks)
c: with permission from railroad employees and wearing eye protection.
d: other railfans or internet with permission

(Work in Progress as of 7-04-06)

Locomotives Currently on Roster
GP38-2 3800 GP38-2 3801
GP38-2 3802 GP38-2 3803
GP38-2 3804 GP38-2 3805
GP38-2 3806 GP38-2 3807
GP38-2 3808 GP38-2 3809
GP38-2 3810 GP38-2 3811
F40PH 678 GP20 2003 "Barney" (Depends on demand)
Locomotives off Roster
(Decal designs will depend on demand)
GP38 3607 GP38 3609
GP20 2000 GP20 2001
GP20 2002 GP20 2004
The yellow units.. Caboose Stop Hobbies has a small supply of older decals for the yellow IANR engines.