Caboose Stop Hobbies T-Shirts

We now offer Caboose Stop Hobbies T-Shirts through Bonfire!!

The designs will be as goofy and off the wall as our live shows.

These shirts are custom - made to order designs.

Special thanks to BellaDesigns on Etsy for the hat artwork.

You order shirts directly through Bonfire and they ship directly to you.
Bonfire will handle any customer service issues related to the shirts.

NOTE: Shirts will NOT be sold at the shop or Train Shows.

**A note about shipping costs and combined shipping** 
We have NO control over Bonfire shipping costs..
Shipping is calculated 'per design'.
If you purchase multiples of 1 design there is a combined shipping discount.
BUT, There is no option for combined shipping on multiple designs.

Ian looked at several other vendors for a better deal...
They all work about the same.

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