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Railrodr wrote:
You don't watch your own videos. They never improve. Ian's interrupting and gurgling are the worst. Let Carol run the show and don't confuse her!
Robert wrote:
Your prices are incredible. Around here, if it has trucks it costs $15 minimum. Suggest taking the microphone away from the camerman.
Reginald wrote: 
Overall, I think I just wasted an hour of my life that I will never get back! 
I didn't know that the show was going to be used to sell new, used or broken locos and rolling stock. 
How would the owners know where to ship the purchases to, how they were going to be paid and how much would they charge for shipping?

The camera work was shaky, moved too fast or too slow and was all over the place. 
There was a lot of glare from reflected light.  The items should have been placed on a solid slanted surface to avoid the glare.
The frame was filled with merchandise on the floor and spilling out of every crevice; not too appealing to see.

I've also never seen pizza boxes used for train storage or display and never ever seen or even heard about Godfather's Pizza.
Frankly, most of the merchandise looked like what was left over unsold after a train show.
Altogether a very unappealing presentation.

And there was a lot of confusing, somewhat inane narration (chit-chat).
Now I'm sure that that couple are very delightful and humorous in person, but they are not ready for "prime time" and they must even be older than I am!

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