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Cedar Falls, Rock Island Depot (Date Unknown)
Lee Birthoff Collection

From the Collection of the Webmaster...

A note on these photos: 
I debated on whether to post these photos or not, I came across these photos on a railfan photo (I guess you could call it an archive..).  The site hasn't been updated since early 2000 and the site owner claims that he collected the photos from newsgroups and e-mails (I'm not sure if I believe that or not, I guess we'll never know...)  I'm not going to outright list the website but I'll tell you how I found it... (Type "IANR2004" into Google)  I've tried searching other terms and nothing will bring it up except that..  

Anyways, these photos are posted only to hopefully spur more submissions by readers.. If your photo is on here then his claim is false.. and I'll remove your photo(s) if you wish..  Some photos had watermarks intact, these didn't, there was no info supplied on who took them.  Something you'll notice is that the photos are listed by filename... so collecting photos of any specific subject is almost impossible... (for example.. to collect photos for the Rock Island you'd need to search though files starting with RI, ROCK, CRIP, CRI&P, and Chicago.. Also there could be photos starting with a numeric that just happen to be Rock Island as well.. But while I was searching for those terms I'd also come up with every other railroad that could have C or Chicago in it's name.. (CBQ, MILW, CSS, CNW and so on... )  (Or when searching for CNW you'd come up with every CN photo on there..)  Needless to say this site isn't user friendly to find something.  There just happened to be a photo in there titled ianr2004.jpg that Google picked up.. But searching for 2000, 2001, 2002, or 2003 didn't come up with anything even though they are on the same page.

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Iowa Northern
If you know the location e-mail me.  (I'm sure dates are not before 1980)

Probably Bryant Yard

Bryant Yard, Waterloo, IA

I'm guessing Cedar Falls near Mona Jct.? or would this be before they re-routed over the CC/IC?



Manly, IA (Testing east coast Iron Roads motive power)

Potash Train


Grand Blvd. Cedar Falls, IA

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