Waterloo, IA

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Photos from Broadway St.
(About 5 miles east of downtown Cedar Falls, (near the Waterloo Yard)

West Local
Webmaster Photo

BNSF Grain Train.
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West Waterloo
(Along Broadway St.)

Tim Kilbride Photo

Photos From Waterloo Yard

UP Coal Train meets BNSF Grain Train.
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The Fuel Pad
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Photos of the CCP Shops
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East of the Yard
(East to West)

East End of the Yard, ex CGW Bridge, now Iowa Northern Trackage, Highland Yard is just to your right...
Photo from Scott M.

Colorado St.

Photo from Adam Hook

CP-ByMe (Idaho St.)
(It's a joke within the Railfan Group)

Webmaster  photo

Osage Rd.

Photo from Adam Hook

"CP Hilltop"

Photo from Adam Hook

Industries in Waterloo

North of B-Yard
Lee Berthoff  photo

Crossing Over Highway 58/380 near the John Deere Plant.
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Northland Oil
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GE Railcar

The shop switcher (I believe an S2) at GE Railcar.
GE Railcar is located in Waterloo east of downtown near the abandoned Rath Packing Plant, South of the IC Mainline.

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