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Since we have such a vast amount of stock, it would be almost impossible to list all items on this site. 
So you tell us what you want, and if we have it, we will be happy to send it to you, or we will do our best to order it for you. 

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    This Hobby is no longer what it was 10 years ago... The trend today in the hobby is to set production based on the amount of orders received for a product.  To do this, model companies make product announcements anywhere from 6 months to 1 year before the release date.  At that time, the company will set an order deadline (usually only 1 month) for that product.  We have only 1 month to get ALL orders for that product to the distributor.  So we need to know who wants what in that month.  We base our orders on what YOU tell us you want.  After the deadline passes, we can place orders but there is a 75% chance we won't get it since production is set.

What this means for US:
While we want to be able to supply every customer to the fullest extent, we can't predict what everyone will want and how many.  We try to order extras, but we only order extras of what we think we can sell.    But we don't want to be stuck with products that will be hard to sell in this area of the country like Maine Central steam locomotives.  Hopefully you can see our point of view on this.  And if you have any problems, ask Carol to give you her rant on the subject.. 

What this means for YOU:
    Simply put, If you have interest in a product, YOU NEED TO LET US KNOW.... As soon as you see the announcement.  If you let us know before the deadline, you shouldn't have a problem, If you order after the deadline, then we can not guarantee anything.  We might have it, we might not.  We can surely try to get it, but there are many cases that we can't.

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